Paper Format

See the following for more help:  

  Paper Formatting Sample.doc (61 kB)


  • MLA or APA
  • 1inch margins; Double spaced throughout
  • 12pt font like Times New Roman, Courier or Arial
  • paragraph indents (5 spaces or ½ inch); Spaces between sentences: 1 or 2 spaces

Table of Contents


  • the main objective of the thesis along with the topic of the paper
  • a brief indication of the the methodology followed in the research work
  • the main findings or results of the research work
  • the main conclusions deduced from the findings

Body of Research Paper

  • Use MLA or APA format for paragraph structure and format.
  • Use third person.   Avoid “you, me, I” etc.
  • Paper is for background, definitions, explanations, time lines, etc. Not your experiment. You may refer to your experiment in the paper but most of the paper is RESEARCH.


  • Use MLA or APA format for bibliography/citation page