The Ideas Section on the left is designed to help stimulate your ideas. 

Most of the ideas found here are not complete experimental project ideas.  Select Middle School or High School topics tab on left.  Use them to help you come up with a good experimental idea. 

Your experimental idea/question must be something that you can perform an experiment on to find a conclusion.   It must not be a demonstration of a scientific fact.  It can not be a "kit" that you put together.


Find a topic you find interesting.

  • Is it interesting enough to hold your attention and someone else’s attention?
  • Is it safe to perform an experiment to support your topic?
  • Is there enough time to perform your investigation?
  • Does your project meet all the rules and regulations?

Topics to avoid:

  • Is it better? This may be hard to answer without bias.
  • Does it work best?  This can be opinion; is only valid if you fully understand the science behind why one is better than the other. Sometimes that science is graduate chemistry/physics level education.
  • Plants  are difficult to measure; too many variables affect plants and plants grow slowly and in many ways other than up.
  • Any topic that is dangerous.
  • Any topic that is “cruel” to animals.
  • Any testing on humans or human tissue.