Brief Description of Science Fair Requirements

See other pages for more specific instructions.

Handwritten Journal of Experimental Procedures and Processes

  Ø Contains descriptions of work done, some research notes, experimental procedure and data.

Eleventh Grade: Typed - 5 page Research Paper with 6 sources (TACS Rules require 10 pages and 10 sources)

Eighth Grade: - 3.5 page Research Paper with 4 sources (TACS Rules require 8 pages and 8 sources).

  Ø Double spaced pages with Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins all around.

  Ø Very well written with few or no mistakes in spelling and grammar.

  Ø The paper is for research not the experiment.  Don't include experiment information.

  Ø Title page, outline, and bibliography (not part of the "paper length" pages).

 Project Display Board describing the research, experiment, conclusion and biblical integration

  Ø Board is colorful, attractive and orderly.

  Ø Use of scientific method is clearly used.

  Ø Progression of experiment is easy to follow.

A good Science Fair project is an experiment - that means it's a test to find an answer to a question you have. For example, if you are interested in bugs and you saw some ants moving very slowly once on a cold day, you might test to see what effect temperature has on the rate at which ants move.  A reliable experiment would be set up to test this.   Only one variable is allowed and the experiment should be repeated several times to ensure better results.

Don't do demonstrations or simple reports – that means that assembling a “kit”, showing a known principle at work, etc. is not allowed.