Outline Help - How to set up an outline

All About Food
Title of your paper; Capitalize all important words; center—
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I.  Fast Foods                                You can’t have a I without a II, an A
    A.  Burger King                          without a B, etc. You must always have
    B.  Taco Bell                              at least 2 points for every category.
    C.  Wendy’s
          1.  Chili
          2.  Baked potato                  The way you line up the Roman Numerals,
          3.  Frosty                              letters, etc. is very important!        
II.  Nice Restaurants                   
     A.  Olive Garden
     B.  Maggiano’s
     C.  Demos’
     D.  Macaroni Grill

III.  Home-Cooked Meals                 To begin writing your outline, divide your
       A. Fried Chicken                        paper into specific categories or main
       B.  Steak and Gravy                  points that you will cover. These are the
             1. Crock pot style                 Roman numerals. Points that you plan to
             2.  Skillet Style                     cover inside each main topic are capital
       C.  Lasagna                               letters. Details under each letter’d category
                                                         become numbered outline points.
IV.  Healthy Options
       A. Fast Food
             1. Salads
                 a. small amount of dressing
                 b. grilled chicken instead of fried       
             2.  Grilled Chicken
             3.  Low-calorie options
       B.  Nice Restaurants                     Single-space all points except in between
              1. Low-calorie menu               Roman numerals.
              2. Salads
              3. Grilled entrees
        C.  Home-Cooked Meals
              1.  Grilled meats                       Everything you put in your outline MUST
              2.  Chicken and Fish                be in your paper in that order!
              3. Steamed veggies