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08/02/2008 00:00

August 25, 2008   Bring in 2-3 possible topics for Science Fair. You must ask a question that is answerable by investigation (experiments). The questions/answer can not be a demonstration of a known scientific principle. For example it can not be a questions like: “Does hot air rise?” This is a known principle. 

 September 2nd Final topic due along with one source that will be used for your research. Sources must be reliable. Meaning: no wikipedia (you may go there to look for sources that they used but you can’t quote wikipedia), no advertisement sites or sites that have an agenda to sell or prove something, sites must be schools, government, research agencies that are again not just trying to sell something. The source must be in standard format. 


 BOOKS Structure: auther, title, publish city, publisher, date published.

 Example:  Sennett, Richard, and Jonathan Cobb. The Hidden Injuries of Class. New York: Vintage Books, 1972.

Author or originator. Title of item. [Online] Date of document or download (day, month,     year). URL https://address/filename.:  U.S. Census Bureau. "American FactFinder: Facts About My Community." [Online]     17 August 2001. <>.


September 8th Bring in your log book and addendum notebook. The log book must be in a spiral notebook or a journal notebook and must be hand written. The addendum needs to be a 3-ring notebook so that information can be added as you go.

 September 16th   Opening paragraph and 2 sources with quotes due.   The opening paragraph should contain the thesis statement (purpose of paper) and general description of what the research paper is about (what/why). The 2 sources need to be cited properly and include at least one quote from each that will be used in the paper.

 September 22nd   Summary of experimental procedure due. This should include what the experiment is about, what materials are to be used, how the experiment will be performed, etc.

 September 29th   One quote from 4 more sources. At least one quote each from the four sources. This makes a total of 7 sources. Cite properly.

September 30th    Science Fair Meeting.  How To Meeting:  Come and see examples, get advice, learn technics, ask questions.

 October 6th   Outline for paper. The paper outline is due. English teachers will work with students on how to do this. It should include the topics and how they will be laid out in the paper.

 October 13th   Biblic Abstract due. The Science Fair board must have a biblical abstract on it. This is a paragraph or two that ties in a biblical reference with the topic chosen. The idea is to find a spiritual correlation to your ideas.

 October 20th   Log Book progress up to date due. Bring in your up to date log book. You should be writing in your log book every time you do anything related to the project. The book should contain detailed information and procedures used.

 October 27th   Completed title page, first page, and summary of research going into the rest of the paper.

 November 3rd    Rough draft of paper due. English teachers will go over details on how to do this. This paper should be a similar length and content to the final paper. 

 November 10th   Board with layout. Bring in your board with papers that will go on it. Bring in a drawn layout of where each item will go on the board. Bring in your experimental data that you have at this point.

 November 18th   Final Paper Due!

 November 24th   Experimental Procedure and Data Due. This is the final draft and how it will appear on the project board.

 December 1st Everything due. Bring in completed board and a new clean ungraded copy of paper, notebooks, log book and any other items that go with the project.

 December 5th   Judging starts at 4:00. Doors locked and no one allowed in.

December 6th Open House to view projects and winners from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Clean-up 11:00 to 12:00. Everyone MUST come and pick up his/her project.